Portland Graffiti Removal Products

Portland Graffiti Removal LLC will completely eradicate graffiti from every site it encounters. We are proud to make these products available to community groups, municipalities and businesses.

Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Remover
Easy-to-apply remover for spray can paints on bare brick, stone and masonry that is used in conjunction with a small pressure cleaning machine. There is a 99% success rate with application!

Sensitive Surface Remover
Economical brush-on/wipe-off to remove felt pens, wax crayons, markers and most spray can paints from any surface without damage.

Felt Pen Fade Out
A world first! Removal of permanent markers from paint work, plastics, precast concrete, granite, terrazzo, stone and marble.

Heritage Remover
Specifically designed for historic buildings to remove graffiti from stonework, brick and masonry without damage.

Graffiti Safewipes
Instantly removes graffiti marks from all hard surfaces, quickly, easily and without damage. Ideal for use with road signage, bathrooms, play equipment, glass, wall marks, parking meters and more.

Citizen Kits
Kits are used by citizen volunteer programs. Kit 1 is used for the removal of graffiti from painted and sensitive surfaces. Kit 2 is used for brick, stone and masonry.

Sacrificial Graffiti Coating
This coating can be applied to any exterior, natural building surfaces and protects against graffiti, grease, pollution, grime, sea and salt spray for up to 10 years. Virtually invisible, it is made from wax polymers and acts as a building protection product. It is non-toxic, completely biodegradable and can be easily removed, if necessary.

GraffitiBeater Turbine System

This spraying system will save up to 40% over other spraying systems. No overspray, no fumes or mist. Quick color changes, second coat ready to do in minutes.