Corona Virus (COVID-19) And The Increasing Risk Of Graffiti

Posted by Portland Graffiti Removal on Friday, May 1, 2020

How The Corona Virus (COVID-19) Has Increased Cases Of Graffiti In The Portland Area

The spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has led to an increase in graffiti activity in Portland and the areas surrounding. This is due to the fact that many businesses have had to temporarily or permanently shut down while there is a risk of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) continuing to spread.

Areas that are abandoned or closed have always attracted those who would leave behind graffiti. The lack of supervision makes it easier to for them to complete their graffiti piece without anyone inferring. As the people of Portland continue to self-quarantine to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), it is likely that Portland’s graffiti problem will continue to grow. Portland locals, don’t wait to call on Portland Graffiti Removal for graffiti removal services!

Portland Graffiti Removal Serves The Portland Metro Area

Graffiti isn’t a new issue to the Portland area, as Portland locals will well know. However, you may no understand just how important it is to remove unwanted graffiti quickly. While graffiti is a relatively minor form of criminal activity, leaving graffiti untouched can actually be dangerous.

What Makes Graffiti Dangerous?

Portland locals, you don’t want to leave unwanted graffiti unaddressed for the same reason you wouldn’t fail to fix a broken window. Both are signs of neglect and an absence of authority that attracts more forms of criminal activity to the immediate surrounding area. After all, if one can get away with graffiti in a certain area, what else might one get away with? Before more criminal activities begin to happen in the area, it is crucial that Portland locals call for professional graffiti removal.

Portland Graffiti Removal Serves Portland And The Areas Surrounding

Portland Graffiti Removal is a mobile graffiti removal service. We serve not only Portland but also Gresham, Salem, Forest Grove, Hood River, SW Washington, and all points between. When you’re in need of graffiti removal services, we’ll bring them to you.

How Can I Report Graffiti?

Portland Graffiti Removal offers two ways of reporting unwanted graffiti. Our online reporting system or 24-hour graffiti hotline is always available, meaning you can report graffiti any time of day! Portland Graffiti Removal aims to serve our customers in Portland and the areas surrounding quickly, too. We aim to respond to every report of graffiti within 24-48 business hours.

How Does Graffiti Removal Work?

Portland Graffiti Removal offers a wide range of graffiti removal services. When we receive a report of graffiti that needs to be removed, we will first assess the site of the graffiti. Afterward, we are able to choose the best method of graffiti removal based on the material used to make the graffiti and the surface upon which the graffiti was made. We wash away graffiti without damaging the surface below. Even if the graffiti you need to be removed sits on surfaces such as glass, or on a sign that needs to remain legible, Portland Graffiti Removal can remove graffiti quickly and safely. Don’t wait – call on Portland Graffiti Removal for expert graffiti removal services today!

Report Graffiti To Portland Graffiti Removal

Portland Graffiti Removal offers the best in graffiti removal in the Portland area. Don’t just take our word for it! Portland Graffiti Removal is a well respected, highly recommended service. Read our testimonials to see how satisfied our clients are with Portland Graffiti Removal’s services.

Don’t suffer unsightly graffiti to remain near your place of business or neighborhood. Need to know if Portland Graffiti Removal services your city? Contact us today to inquire about Portland Graffiti Removal’s superior services. We can restore any surface with graffiti and leave it looking like new.

Report Graffiti by using this form or by calling our 24-hour graffiti hotline at 971.678.5249.

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