How Graffiti Affects Property Values

Posted by Portland Graffiti Removal on Thursday, August 8, 2019

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Portland Graffiti Removal Effectively And Safely Removes Graffiti

If you’ve spotted unwanted graffiti on your property – don’t worry! Portland Graffiti Removal professionally removes graffiti for customers in Portland and the areas surrounding. Portland Graffiti Removal’s trained graffiti removal team is experienced in removing graffiti from all manner of surfaces. Our team can remove any graffiti, no matter the medium used, safely from the surface below. When you see unwanted graffiti near your property, report it using Portland Graffiti Removal’s online reporting system or our 24-hour graffiti hotline. We respond to all reports of graffiti within 24-48 business hours to make sure that unwanted graffiti is removed as quickly as possible.

Remove Unwanted, Unsightly Graffiti Before It Lowers Property Values

Unwanted graffiti is more than just an eyesore in your neighborhood or near your place of business. Did you know that graffiti can also have a real effect on your property values? According to the National Association of Realtors, property located within a community where there is graffiti will lose 15 percent of its value. If the graffiti is profane or hateful, the property owner can expect to lose up to 25 percent of the home’s value.

This is one of the many reasons Portland locals shouldn’t allow unwanted graffiti to remain in their neighborhood. Graffiti affects not only the person whose property the graffiti is located, but also property surrounding the graffiti’d area. Allow Portland Graffiti Removal to quickly and professionally remove all unwanted graffiti. We offer a wide range of graffiti removal services to suit different types and sites of graffiti. Our graffiti removal team will assess the site of the graffiti and then use the method most appropriate for each situation. Our team works quickly and efficiently to make sure all traces of graffiti are removed. To prevent damage from repeat graffiti, we also offer graffiti coating – a virtually invisible coating which protects against graffiti.

Protect Property Values With Portland Graffiti Removal

Portland Graffiti Removal offers the best in graffiti removal in the Portland area. Don’t just take our word for it! Portland Graffiti Removal is a well respected, highly recommended service. Read our testimonials to see how satisfied our clients are with Portland Graffiti Removal’s services.

Don’t suffer unsightly graffiti to remain near your place of business or neighborhood. Need to know if Portland Graffiti Removal services your city? Contact us today to inquire about Portland Graffiti Removal’s superior services. We can restore any surface from graffiti and leave it looking like new.



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